Silver Curse


Colour: #BFBFBF


ATT: 2
DEF: 1
HP: 2/5

Messenger of Death: Silver gains a bonus to stealth attempts, and will regain health if she kills an enemy outright with a stealth attack.
Animal Handler (Level 1): Gains a bonus when interacting with wild animals.
Craftswoman (Level 1): Gains a bonus when making simple items.
Knifethrower (Level 1): More likely to hit when throwing knives or darts.

Spells Learned

BODY: Thief’s Robe
LEGS: Makeshift bandage
FEET: Leather Boots
ACCESSORY 1: Sailor’s Charm

Meals Consumed
Day 0: 1 meal
Day 4: 1 meal
Day 9: 1 meal (apple & coconut)
Day 11: 1 meal


  • Torch: With glowing cube in the top
    *Bone spikes: x2
  • Arrowshafts: x4
  • Sticky plank of wood: Covered in dried glue from one of the mine mushrooms.
  • Elf torso
  • Unconscious monkey-thing x2
  • Pair of Daggers: +3 ATT. If used successfully while sneaking, they will ignore 50% DEF (rounded down) – ONE IS CURRENTLY STUCK TO THE CAVE WALL. ATT IS REDUCED TO 1.
  • Thief’s Robe: +10% bonus to sneak attempts.
  • Ants-on-a-Stick: x2
  • Camper Stone: x1 Spend a major action to teleport to the Campstone.
  • Coconut: x4. Rock solid seeds of the coconut palm. Each provide enough food for 1/2 meal (if you can get into them).
  • Ruined parchment: Water-logged and illegible scraps of parchment.
  • Sailor’s Charm: A small charm intended to bring good luck to travellers.
  • Coin Pouch: Contains 4sp, 6cp & a glass vial
  • Ring of Iron Keys: Keys made of iron on a ring.
  • Iron Shackles: A set of unlocked iron slave shackles.
  • Crude Wooden Darts: x5. Carved wooden dart. 25% chance to hit.
  • Half coconut shell: x1
  • Leather boots
  • Handful of semi-precious gems: Sparkly!
  • Crude Wooden Darts: x5. Carved wooden dart. 25% chance to hit.

Silver was free a majority of her life, because she stayed near her village of Blitz. She always found her name as odder than the others, and never sure what it means. One day people ransacked her village and there was not enough food for anybody. Nobody was hurt in that exchange fortunally. Silver decided to return the favor. She was being as careful as possible when the urge of stealing some coins hit her. She did not need the coins, but they called out to her. She tried to ignore it but her hands were already in the pouch. She was seen and she ran as fast as possible. She got caught and was shackled . She became a slave through those actions and was sold.

Silver Curse

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