Protects Her Kin


Colour: #CC0000 / #FF6600



ATT: 3
DEF: 5 +1 (7 when shield and armour are active)
HP: 3/6


  • War Cry: Temporarily boosts all goblins in the area with +1 ATT (once per day)
  • Hard to Kill: +1 DEF, +1 Base HP.
  • The Greater Good: Once per day, [color=#FF0000]Kin[/color] may spend HP to restore the health of any allies in the same area as her. The feat will cost her 1HP per person in the area (even if they are already at full health) and can reduce her to 0HP. Allies will each recover 1HP.
  • L1 Crafter: Bonus when crafting simple items
  • L2 Tailor: Bonus when creating items from cloth or hide
  • Minor Poison Resistance

Spells Learned

Meals Eaten
Day 3: 1 meal (Ant, Apple)
Day 6: 1 meal (Coconut meat, coconut milk)
Day 8: 1 meal (Gruz’s dead body)
Day 10: 1/2 meal
Day 11: 1 meal

OFF HAND: Shield of Shielding
BODY: Leather Armour of Shielding
FEET: Leather boots
ACCESSORY 1: Medium Leather belt

Crude darts: x6
*Leather helmet: 1 DEF
Shovel: A sturdy metal shovel with wooden handle.
Pestle & mortar: Carved from wood. Contains a paste made from 16 blue leaves.
Plume of golden owlear feathers
Owlbear talons: x6
Owlbear tail: x1
Dismembered ex-zombie limbs (2 arms, 1 leg): Super gross.
Leather Armour of Shielding: +1 DEF. Can be activated to provide an additional +1DEF twice a day. Effects last 5 turns and can be stacked.
Leather shirt: +1 DEF (x1)
Shield of Shielding: + 1 DEF (
2 when shielding spell is active). The spell lasts 5 turns and can be cast twice per day (effects stack).
Golden Amulet: Heals any ally 2-4 HP. Can be used twice per day.
Cutlass: One handed blade: +2 ATT
Dagger: +1ATT
Belt Pouch: Contains 2 gold coins and a 4 dice. One of the dice is loaded to roll 6s.
Belt Pouch
Medium Yellow Shirt: x1. The shirt from one of the dead humans.
Medium Red Silk Shirt: The shirt from one of the dead humans.
Medium Purple Silk Trousers: The trousers from one of the dead humans.
Wooden needle
Goblin-sized leather boot: x0
Thread x 200 cm
Pieces of boot leather: x6
Cloth shirts: x4. Taken from the dead humans
Cloth trousers: x1. Taken from the dead humans
Cloth shorts: x1 Taken from the dead orc
Leather Boots: x1. Taken from the dead humans.
Belt Knife: 1-handed blade, +1 ATT.
Stick: Brown and sticky
Plank of wood
Folded leaf-bowl: Suitable for holding fluid for short periods. Pretty leaky.


Protects Her Kin is a compassionate goblin who strives to keep others from harm, tossing even herself in the way, if need may be. If she one day ever gets to be a mother, she will be like the proverbial lioness protecting her cubs. She’s also eager to help others to the best of her abilities, and has shown interest in spiritual matters, healing and such, too.

Protects Her Kin

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