X - Dances in Storms


Colour: #FF8000

ATT: 3
DEF: 1 (+2)
HP: 0/5


Death Blow!: When Dances is reduced to 0HP, he summons a final burst of strength to automatically strike his attacker with a ferocious blow, dealing an additional 1-3 ATT to his base ATT for one turn.

Spells Learned

Meals Eaten
Day 2: 1 meal

HEAD: Dwarf scalp (with luxurious red hair & beard bow)
FEET: Leather boots



[Replaced Spreads the Word on Turn 17]

Dances was a part of a rare sight on the great ocean, Goblin Pirates. He was one of the fiercest, meanest, craziest pirate to ever sail the world. In the midst of a battle to loot yet another merchant ship a storm broiled up from the west. The rain began to fall as the battle raged on. After a short time, as it always was, the fight was over and Dances and his crew was victorious once more. As Dances raised his sword in the pelting rain something ordinary happened. A lightning bolt arced down from the sky and struck his sword as he waved it proudly above his head. The result was catastrophic for poor Dances. Dances was thrown from the ship, which was lucky for him, because then the ship erupted into a inferno of fire. When Dances awoke, he found himself in a small cage on a large ship. As he looked about his surroundings he found he was painted pink…strange. As a human walks by he calls out to him “hello”. The sailor kicks out and scrawls “shut yer mouth spreads-the-word”. Having forgotten everything about himself spreads realized that he had been given a name. Early the next morning, a violent storm came out of nowhere and began to toss the ship about. Later..much later, spreads opened his eyes to his new surroundings and started to explore. It wasn’t until later when the ant attacked him and he hit his head as he fell backwards. A memory blossomed in spreads brain….your name is Dances-in-Storms. As the memories of his true name came flooding back he remembered something else, he had been painted pink. Dances started to rub vigorously at his skin and as he did, big blotches of pink paint begin to fall off of his body. When the pink paint finally settled to the ground, a new pilgrim stood where spreads once stood…Dances-in-Storms and he wasn’t pink, he was orange. (crispy (Blacks & reds from when the lightning hit him) on his right side)

X - Dances in Storms

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