Colour: #669900


ATT: 3 (+1)
DEF: 3
HP: 5/5

• Second Sight: Will receives visions about the next day’s attack
• Blessed: Can pray to Maglubiyet for assistance. Just remember that the more you ask for, the more you need to offer!

Spells Learned

Meals Consumed
Day 1 – 1/2 Meal
Day 3 – 1/2 Meal
Day 4 – 1 Meal
Day 5 – 1 Meal
Day 6 – 1 Meal
Day 8 – 1 Meal
Day 9 – 1 Meal (coconut)

MAIN HAND: Cutlass
BODY: Fine Leather Shirt
FEET: Leather boots


  • Torch
  • Lump of human fat.
  • Carved brass orb: Covered in carvings of plants, animals and other symbols.
  • Red Glowing Gemstone: Collected during Shackled’s dream
  • Red Glowing Gemstone: Collected during Button’s dream
  • Red Glowing Gemstone: Collected during Dances’s dream
  • Red Glowing Gemstone: Collected during Kin’s dream
  • Red Glowing Gemstone: Collected during Silver’s dream
  • Book: A small leatherbound book. It feels dry and it doesn’t look like the ink has run.
  • Damp Notebook: Slightly moist.
  • Goblin skeletons (x2)
  • Human skeleton
  • Fine Leather Shirt: + 2 DEF
  • Goblin-sized leather boots: 1 pair
  • Medium cotton shirt: The shirt from one of the dead humans.
  • Wet Medium Brown Trousers: x1. The trousers from one of the dead humans. Soaking wet (salt water)
  • Apple x1
  • Handful of guano: Pretty much exactly what it sounds like.
  • Blue Berries: x5. Mmmmm! Blue!

Write was born as a slave already. Write’s mom was also born in capitivity, but was sold to a wizard. Write’s mom was pregnant when she was sold, so the Wizard Jenkins found himself unexpectedly with two Goblins, when he really only needed the one. So Write’s mom (whom was named Reed) was learning skills alongside Write. The Wizard Jenkins wasn’t a very mean wizard, but he had bought Reed as she was able to read and write. So… Write has been learning the skills of reading and writing and mixing since birth.

But the Wizard Jenkins wasn’t the most successful of Wizards, and Write had been assisting him.. and well… while Write was outside filling up a bucket of water, Reed and the Wizard Jenkins were sort of blown up. Write has found herself on the ship and isn’t very happy with that, as she had actually quite enjoyed her time with the Wizard Jenkins and doesn’t have the slightest idea about Goblin Culture.


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