X - Swallows a Key


Colour: #993300

ATT: 1
DEF: 1
HP: 5/5

Lockpicking: Level 1
Mining: Digging Proficiency
Poison Resistance: Mild
Masonry: Level 1

Spells Learned

Meals Eaten
Day 3: One meal (ant & apple)
Day 4: One meal (2 ants)
Day 5: 1/2 meal (1 ant)


Small log: from a coconut tree
Pickaxe: Good for digging.
‘Animate Dead’ Scroll
‘Animate Dead’ components: Dried deathwort, Obsidian orb.
Steel Nail: A very fine nail. Good for lots of things, including picking locks.
Shackles (unlocked): The shackles that bound her and Write together when they were slaves.
Small Leather Pouch: Contains a small number of gemstones
Book: A small leatherbound book. It feels dry and it doesn’t look like the ink has run.
Vial: Unmarked. Contains a dark, syrupy liquid.
Ants-on-a-Stick: 1 angry ant on a brown and sticky stick.
Shovel: A sturdy metal shovel with wooden handle.
Pick: A sturdy metal pick with wooden handle.
Battered Tin Helmet: A dented miner’s helmet
Metal hammer: A hammer. 1H.
Chisel: A small mason’s chisel.
Camper Stone: Spend a major action to teleport to the Campstone.
Small Wooden Shield: +1 DEF (1H). Good for being hit.
Packet of Rations: Dried rations. Boring, but enough for 6 meals.
Damp Notebook: Slightly moist.
Small Metal Flute: Toot!
Small treasure chest: contains 4 Corpse Crabs


Swallows was captured with the rest of her clan when a kobold tribe betrayed their village’s location to the human slavers. While they were being driven towards the slaving ship, the party crossed paths with three yearling owlbears, probably wandered away from the nest to practice their early hunting. As was to be expected, the slavers (for humans are particularly dumb) figured that these cubs, old enough to be away from their mother but young enough to be trained, would fetch a great price, so they tossed them one of their goblin captives as bait.

Ignoring the scrawny goblin, the three owlbears (for they aren’t nearly as dumb as humans wish they were) charged the succulent pieces of meat-with-a-stick and killed one of the slavers before they had a chance to ready their weapons. During the scuffle that followed, Swallows crawled closer to the dead man’s body and searched it. Under his shirt, on a golden chain, she found the key to her destiny and wasted no time gulping it down before her captors repulsed the owlbears.

In their haste to get away (for even humans aren’t quite so dumb as to stick around when there are tell-tale sounds of something large and maternal crashing through the underbrush), the slavers left their fallen companion behind and never found out that his key was missing. Sadly for Swallows, she would soon discover that her actions had been utterly useless, as the key fitted none of the goblins’ shackles nor the door behind which they were kept when they weren’t working.

X - Swallows a Key

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