Shackled by Many


Colour: #330033 / #660066


ATT: 5
DEF: 3
HP: 2/5


Meals Eaten
Day 3: 1 meal
Day 4: 1/2 meal (ant)
Day 6: 1 meal (apple, biscuit)
Day 9: 1 meal (Ship's biscuits)

Forest Guardian: He can leave his physical body behind and change into a spirit form to rain destruction down on his enemies! While in this form, he can move freely and attack his enemies at will. The spirit form is more resistant to physical damage and grows more powerful the longer it is maintained, but the change takes a toll on his physical body. If his body dies while in this spirit form, it will not be a good thing for anyone. The spirit form begins with 6 ATT / 5 DEF.

Spells Learned

<none> Equipped:
BODY: Chainmail
FEET: Leather Boots
ACCESSORY 3: </none>

Kilt: ???
Guano: Several gross handfuls of poop.
Leather boots
Chainmail Shirt: +2 DEF
Greatsword: +3 ATT (2H).
Camper stone: Teleports to the campstone
Stick: An ordinary stick, sadly lacking in insects of any kind.
Blue Leaves: x1 Tingly!
Healing Token: Restores the wearer 1-2HP.
Can be used once per day.
Mace [1H]: +1ATT, 1H. Good for hitting.</none>


Shackled by many has lived most of his life as a slave and with a multitude of different masters. The first time shackled got Shackled by anyone was in a warcamp, where he accidently lead a small group of humans to the warcamp. They were easily beaten but as punishment he got shackled to a pole in the middle of the warcamp. A few days after the warcamp was attacked again but this time by adventures that got the upper hand against the goblins which lead to most of the goblins getting killed. Shackled was sitting in the middle of the camp and watched how they slaughtered his fellow kin. He was spared himself and taken as a slave because he was unable to fight back during the assault. He was later sold to a wizard and helped him with several errands before getting sold again. This happened many times before Shackled finaly had enough and started his daring escape from this cycle. He was held near the ocean and he made a small boat for himself using any spare time he could find. When the boat was ready and his masters where gone from the mansion Shackled decided today was his chance and he jumped into the boat and sailed away. After a day of sailing he went to sleep but found himself on a larger ship when he woke up together with other slaves.

Shackled by Many

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