Treasures Life


Colour: #01A9DB

ATT: 3
DEF: 4
HP: 3/5

Able to Write (common script)
Poison resistance (basic)
Illusionist: Can create / dispel minor illusions (Max. 3 per day; will last 1d4 + 2 turns)
Archer: Gets +1 to Attacks when using a bow.

Spells Learned
Minor Illusion

<none>*Meals Eaten*
Day 2: 1 meal
Day 3: 1/2 meal (ant)
Day 6: 1 meal (coconut meat)
Day 8: 1/2 meal (ant) </none>
Day 11: 1 meal eaten

MAIN HAND: Warhammer
OFF HAND: Warhammer
BODY: Masterwork Leather Armour
FEET: Leather boots
ACCESSORY 3: </none>

Blankets: x3 (From the balloon).
Partially-burnt coal
Ash: Wrapped up in a blanket
Wax and seal
Spell of warding: This spell allows the caster to summon a one-way shield around all allies who are standing close together in the same area.
Cloth shirts: x2. Taken from the dead humans
Pestle & mortar: Carved from wood. Contains a paste made from 16 blue leaves.
Small bag: Taken from the Dawnstar halfling
Cloak: ??? Taken from the Dawnstar halfling
Empty sack
Hunting Bow: +1 ATT
Hunting Arrows: +1 ATT (x7)
Masterwork Leather Armour: +3 DEF
Leather shirt: +1 DEF
Mage Circlet: Looks very valuable
Mage robes: Ordinary cloth robes
* Wizard’s Staff: Currently charged with Magic Missile (does 1 DAM, ignores DEF). 2H.
Leather-bound book: It tingles with an inner energy.
Half coconut shell: x1.
Hand Axe: Pretty crappy quality. +1ATT.
Set of shackles: An unlocked set of slave shackles.
Dismembered goblin arm: Was once attached to Sink or Swim.
Apples: x3
Dead Footnom: The somewhat mangled remains of a Footnom plant.
Blue berry Camper Stone: Spend a major action to teleport to the Campstone.
Warhammer: +2 ATT, 2H. Even better for hitting.
Box of Dried Ginger: Spicy! Good for combating seasickness.
Ants-on-a-Stick: x1
Shoulder bag: For holding stuff</none>


Treasures had an unusual upbringing for a goblin; she was raised in a clan of extremely pacifist goblins that attempted always to live in harmony with nature in a secluded valley. She was taught, like the rest of her people, to respect the right of all things to life. However, this attitude was not shared by the humans that finally discovered their village. Within a few years, all of her people had either been enslaved or killed by adventurers and profiteers. Sold into servitude, Treasures discovered that the life she needed to respect most of all was her own, and that of her fellow goblins. Survival is not something to be taken for granted in a world that is as cruel as it is for goblins. However, she still struggles with her former pacifism, though she is prepared to do what it takes to survive.

Treasures Life

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