Intro 1

It is the age of exploration and there are fortunes to be made for those bold enough to go looking for them! One island chain, far out in the Melusine Sea has been attracting prospectors and traders since its discovery due to its rich exotic plant and animal life, and the discovery of rare gems and precious metals in the mines. Occasionally, even artefacts from extinct civilisations are discovered, making the islands a constant source of interest to pirates and traders hoping to make a name for themselves. So far most have returned home empty-handed.

Just before the onset of the winter storms last year, wild rumours started flying that a group of miners had finally uncovered an extremely rare and valuable treasure in one of the outlying islands, but that some catastrophe struck before it could be brought off the island. Now, with the original finders all presumed dead, the treasure is just sitting abandoned and waiting to be claimed. All through the winter months adventurers and glory-hunters have been flocking to the southern coasts, eager to hire ships and be the first to reach the mine in the spring.

Intro 2

As it happens, the first ship to actually reach the island the following spring is a small caravel, owned and commanded by humans but crewed largely by goblin and kobold slave-labourers. By leaving early in the season, the ship attempted to outrun the competition and reach the island first, but the voyage didn’t quite go to plan and a violent storm wrecked the ship on the reefs surrounding one of the islands in the chain. The only survivors were a small group of goblins who were lucky enough to have been working above decks when the ship sank, and who now find themselves washed up on the beach amongst all the flotsam and jetsam of their little ship.

Intro 3

As luck would have it, it would appear that they have washed up on the very island they were searching for. It would also appear that they are indeed the first group to reach it. Perhaps this is also a chance for the goblins to claim the treasure for themselves and win fame and glory for themselves. Perhaps it is a chance to buy their way out of the slavery that has bound them for so many years. Or perhaps it is simply a chance to escape.

Whatever they choose, they won’t be alone here for long. Treasure seekers and glory hunters from all across the realm are racing here to make a claim for the island’s mysterious prize as we speak, and will fight tooth and nail to get it. If the goblins want to find it first, it’s going to take every ounce of their skill and cunning to do so, not to mention a fair amount of luck! Of course, first of all they might want to do something about those shackles…

The Island